yoga with seniors

My grandmother Ellie, who is 98, is in an assisted living facility out in West Chester, PA. She was once very active and is now wheelchair bound.  As a way to bring more activity into Ellie’s life, I decided I wanted to teach yoga at Wellington, and so my partner Brian and I started a yoga program there for all the residents, in both assisted living and skilled nursing.  We now work with seniors each month at Wellington at Hershey’s Mills as well as seniors at other facilities including Paul’s Run and Wesley Enhanced Living (multiple locations.) The ages range from 70 to 100 years old (one of our regular students just turned 100 a few months ago!) and most of the residents use walkers or wheelchairs to get around.

Our hour-long session consists of breathing exercises, modified sun salutations, yoga poses modified for all levels of mobility, and a guided meditation.  Each class also includes an opportunity for the residents to speak about whatever is on their minds:  whether it’s the goals of the new year, what they’re grateful for at Thanksgiving, or memories from long ago.  We cherish the time we spend learning from our elders, and in return we feel lucky to provide them with an hour of activity that includes breathing, stretching and mindfulness – all of which are beneficial at any age!  We’d love to expand our work with seniors and add more facilities to our schedule.  Feel free to reach out to me via email at if you’d like to learn more, or check out our website Team Sun Yoga.

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