Private Sessions

Are you looking to start a yoga practice, or receive more attention in your practice? I’ll happily come to your home, or invite you into mine for a private session, either for an individual one-on-one session, or for groups up to four.  I work with all ages and all levels of mobility! (I work with everyone from seniors in wheelchairs to fit and active yogis.)

Here is a glimpse of our home studio (mats and blocks provided!) We also have an inversion table if you’re interested in decompressing the spine.  My partner Brian is experienced with guiding students through its’ use.

We’ll start with a few questions that can help determine exactly what you’re looking for – maybe you’d like to go to a class but you don’t feel you’re ready yet, and you’re looking to develop some confidence before attending.  Or maybe you’re just too busy to get to a class because none of them work with your schedule. Personally, I was terrified to attend my first class, and wish I could have had some private instruction beforehand.

Pricing: we can establish pricing based on your needs and means. If you buy 3 or more at a time, the cost comes down.  Give the gift of yoga to yourself or a loved one!

I’m located in South Philly but can travel to you if need be. I look forward to collaborating with you to help you find your own vitality through yoga.

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.


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