Find your magic

The magic is in all of us. Join me Monday at 6pm or Tuesday at 7:30 to find yours! All levels vinyasa yoga classes at Breathe Om yoga in Swarthmore. 

I thought you might like to hear that I’m offering a discount to first time attendees of my all levels vinyasa classes at Breathe Om in Swarthmore -$10 for the first class! April only. 

If you’re an existing student and are repurchasing a class card, or want to buy a class card, I’m offering 10 classes for $140 if you purchase during the month of April.
Believe in the magic of yoga! 


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2 thoughts on “Find your magic

  1. Ann, You might not remember me. I am the fraternity brother of your father who brought the Harris hawk down there on the weekend you taught a mini-class of yoga at your dad’s barbeque . I still do those stretches you taught us. Twice a day. They made a real difference in my physical well being.
    You are a natural born teacher with a gentle but thorough way of teaching. Your class was a pleasure and made a real difference in my life.
    I doubt you will need it but I would most highly recommend your work to anybody. They can call me at (607) 427-4905 and I will tell them personally.
    By the way; that hawk turned out to be one of the best birds I’ve ever flown. Next year we’ll bring my big female Redtail and you can call her to your fist for a real thrill. She is a brute!
    I send my best wishes to you and all your loved ones.
    Ed Deitch


    1. Ed–I could never forget you, are you kidding?? Thank you for your kind words, but it’s not me, it’s the yoga. Yoga works!! See you in May for more yoga on the lawn I hope. Cool about the hawk!


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