happy happy joy joy


Hey listen, I got a pink wall painted for me for Valentine’s Day.  This space allows me to do really ladylike handstands and today I discovered I also love using it to stretch and play, opening up the torso and releasing the hips.  It’s the best! Thanks Brian! I seriously love you!

I hope you’ll join me for some joyous yoga this week at Breathe Om Yoga in Swarthmore – first up, Monday at 6pm.  I’ll see all my darlings there.  Then, the much disputed Tuesday 7:30pm class which I have been unable to advertise through Nextdoor due to being flagged as too commercial.  So far, not many participants  have shown up, but I’m hoping we can grow this class to Monday’s size! C’mon yoginis and yogis! Let’s do it!  Hands on assists to those who are interested, as always.

Both nights are 75 minute all levels vinyasa classes.  The first class with me is discounted at $12, after that the drop in rate is $17.  If you like the class and want more, you can buy a 10-class card for $150.  I’ll just send you a PayPal link to make it super easy!  Come to 100 Park Avenue, 2nd floor.


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