be brave

Hi All! Despite the crazy snow, we are still having class tonight at Breathe Om Yoga in Swarthmore, PA.  The roads, sidewalks, and parking lots are clear and the studio will be nice and toasty warm.  More than ever, we need to come to the mat and work on connecting our breath with movement to be grounded, balanced, and for tonight – open to living life to the fullest!  We’ll work on heart-opening poses that will help reinforce good posture and undo that hunched-over feeling we get from sitting at desks all day.  Brave the snow and cold, and warm up with this all levels vinyasa class.heart_swat.jpg

Come to 100 Park Avenue, 2nd floor at 6pm for a 75 minute vinyasa flow class. The first class with me is discounted at $12, after that the drop in rate is $17.  If you like the class and want more, you can buy a 10-class card for $150.


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