slay the ego

There’s a story about Durga, the warrior goddess, and how she took out a whole army of demons one by one – with the help of other goddesses like Kali popping out of her third eye to join the cause (although really they are all of one goddess.)  The demons or asuras had taken over the world at that point, and because of a clause that said ‘no gods’ could defeat them, the male gods called upon Durga, a goddess.

Durga gains access to the demon kingdom by saying she wants to marry a demon king, but her rules state she must first be defeated in battle by her would-be husband.   The demons love her pluck and determination, and are bewitched by her comely appearance.  Surely no female could defeat these rulers of the world! The demon kings send their minions to fight her.  She annihilates them in short order, and they soon realize they are not dealing with an ordinary woman.  One of the demons has a pretty epic trick up his sleeve – every drop of his blood that is spilled only creates more clones of himself.  As soon as she realizes this, she sends Kali to lick up each drop of blood before it hits the ground.

durga doing battleWith no army remaining, the demon kings must fight her themselves, and despite her fierceness their egos remain unchecked and they are still confident they can defeat her. They challenge her to fight alone instead of with the help of the other goddesses – and Durga responds by absorbing the goddesses into her form, stating that they are all of her body and she has in fact been alone all this time.  Her form is now very powerful and bright, and of course she ends up killing both the demon kings.   They die smiling, being filled with the light and warmth of the all powerful goddess.

I’d like to think of this story when my ego is getting the better of me, and envision my inner Durga slaying those demons.



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