Balance is a life long pursuit.  The moment I start taking it for granted, I lose it.  I’ve spent years trying to find the perfect recipe of health and wellness, trying to hit all the things I need to be balanced:  being productive at work, doing yoga, walking, running, eating well, sleeping enough, drinking herbal teas, breathing, playing music, having good relationships with the people in my life, etc. It seems that the recipe for balance changes as time progresses, and it’s not always an upward arc of improvement.  Sometimes you fall a little; you get back up, you feel solid, you fall a little again.  And it goes on.

photo thanks to SunB

The balance poses are some of my favorites in yoga.  They’re challenging and they show me that I have strength, determination, and the ability to master imbalance as well as laugh at myself when I fall.  I hope that in life I will always try to get back up with grace and humor as I continue to seek this ever-changing recipe for balance.  And be rewarded with possibility.



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